Cedricsparis 33

We are passionate about Paris, its history and its anecdotes. we look forward to sharing our passion with you in these legendary vehicles.

Our 2CV cars are AUTHENTIC! No logos, no advertising nor any marking on our cars. The "Deux Chevaux" is a LEGEND over here! When in Paris, take a ride in a 2cv, but watch out, you will want to bring it back home!

All our guides speak good English and know the city by heart. We will recommend the ideal time slots to avoid traffic jams and will customize the itinerary just for you. It's so much nicer to visit a city with a local, try us!

See you soon!

Cedricsparis Driver


I created this company back in 2012 when I was still a professional firefighter. I did these tours for over 7 years and have now moved to the country, two hours outside Paris. My wife and I bought an old farm and turned it into a wedding venue. My 2cv car "Thelma" has now become a wedding car! I don't do Paris tours anymore but I still run the company and answer all the emails.

Romain 1


He was the first guy to join my crew, in 2014. No one really knows his age (he hates to celebrate his birthday 😉 ). We were colleagues at the same fire station for seven years. He has been a professional firefighter since 2001, he loves Rugby, good beers, The Simpsons, History, his favorite monument is the Eiffel Tower and his favorite city is Lisbon (after Paris obviously!). He loves Madball & Deez nuts (no idea who these bands are!) and when I asked him his favorite meal he said: all food!

Amin Is The Best


He joined my crew in 2015 and drives our red 2cv car "Louise". He works in a bank, has four kids (the last one was born in 2023!) and loves to travel abroad. His favorite monument also is the Eiffel tower (c'mon guys!), he loves Australia, sushis, soccer, Migos hip hop but above all...Paris Saint Germain's soccer team!


Aka "JJ", or the immortal. JJ was a neighbor of mine several years ago. He joined my crew in 2018 and drives his stunning blue 2cv car "Vega". Not because he is a fan of gambling but because he loves astronomy (Vega is the name of a blue star...yep he's a poet too  ). JJ has visited over 60 countries, has been married for 50 years, has three kids and five grandchildren, his favorite monument in Paris is Les Invalides and his favorite meal is Couscous!

Romain & Clementine

Yes I know…small team but two Romains…
This one was actually born in Rouen in Normandy. He moved to Paris in 2008. He is passionate about History and has a training as an actor and a storyteller. He sings, plays guitar & chess. He loves Ireland & Canada and his two favorite cities after Paris are Dublin & Toronto. He actually lived there. His favorite monument in Paris is the church Saint Germain des prés and he loves French music , Jazz, classical music and traditional chants from Ireland, Corsica and Bretagne.

Gérard & CERISE (cherry)

“Gégé” loves DIY and home improvement. Like many South Africans (yep, Gérard was born there!) he loves rugby and like many people across the world, he loves the “2 chevaux”. He’s actually part of a 2cv club, goes there almost every Saturday and loves rallies. He speaks fluently four languages: French, English, Dutch & Afrikaans! His favorite parts of Paris are the oldest quarters such as Île Saint-Louis & The Latin Quarter. He was a station manager for Air Austral in CDG airport for 20 years. He loves French music but also Sting, Chris de Burgh et Niel Diamond. His favorite city after Paris is Cape Town, he’s a married man with a 22 year old daughter Solène.